Friends of Heathcote

“Friends of Heathcote” is a fund that has been set up to finance equipment and facilities in order to enhance this surgery further. A number of patients approached us and asked if they could contribute to the surgery, and our response was to create this fund.

What does this fund do?

Some medical tests are not available locally, and this has meant the inconvenience of waiting for a hospital referral to have these done. We are happy to maintain and operate this equipment, which reduces waiting times and the inconvenience of attending the hospital. Examples of this equipment include ECG machines, ambulatory blood pressure monitors, lung function testing equipment and doppler ultrasound machines to assess circulation in legs.

We are also keen to provide facilities to make the surgery more comfortable. Friends of Heathcote have recently funded the installation of a cold-water machine and air conditioning in the waiting room. We welcome your suggestions for other facilities that could be funded similarly.

How can I contribute?

You can either make a one off donation or small, regular donations via standing order to the “Friends of Heathcote” account.

If you wish to make a one off donation, please make your cheque payable to “Friends of Heathcote” and hand it to reception or send to “Friends of Heathcote”, Heathcote Medical Centre, Heathcote, Tadworth, Surrey KT20 5TH.

If you wish to make small regular donations by standing order, please download and complete the Standing Order Mandate Form.

Small Donation?

We have over 12,000 patients at Heathcote. Even a standing order for £1 per month, or £10 per year would make a difference. If every patient donated just £1 per year, we could purchase some of the latest equipment and improve the surgery further.

Shouldn’t the Department of Health pay for this?

In spite of record spending on the NHS, funding for anything other than essential medical care has dried up. The Department of Health & NHS England supports the practice where it can, but funding for patients in Surrey is inadequate compared to other parts of the country.

Who will know about my donation?

All donations will be treated in confidence.

Who can I make suggestions to?

Mrs Tracey Murphy (Practice Manager) or any member of the practice team would be happy to pass on any suggestions to the partners.

Thank you for your support.