Prescription Common Questions and Answers

When should I put in my repeat request?

When you have only one week’s supply of tablets left.  If you are going away you can put in your request earlier than usual – just add a note on it to say why you are requesting your prescription early.

Why don’t you take repeat prescriptions over the telephone?

The surgery has over 12,000 patients and we issue prescriptions for about 10,000 items every month. If every patient telephoned us, we would not be able to get any other work done and the telephone would be constantly engaged. In addition, it is a safety issue as mistakes can occur when discussing medication over the telephone. We strongly encourage you to gain on line access by using the nhsapp which can be easily downloaded. We also encourage those who do not want on line access to use the website request form or indeed continue to request medication using paper requests.

I have lost my computer print-out. What should I do?

No problem!  Just drop a piece of paper into the surgery with your name, address, your doctor’s name and the medication you need or use one of the slips available in reception.  When you collect your prescription there will be a new computer list for you to keep.

Will you post my repeat prescription to me?

Yes, of course. We will need a stamped addressed envelope.  If you do not give us an SAE, we will keep your prescription at the surgery for you to collect. However, as indicated below, almost all our patients now have their prescriptions sent securely electronically to their chemist of choice.

Can you send my prescriptions to any chemist?

We can send a prescripion electronically to any chemist if you have signed up for the service – almost all of our patients use this facility now. Simply ask your regular chemist to do this for you

Only our local chemists collect/receive paper prescriptions from us . If you want to collect your prescription from a local chemist, please write the name clearly on your form – however if you are already signed up for electronic prescriptions with a pharmacy this will not be required as it will be sent automatically to that pharmacy.

Our local chemists are Walton Pharmacy [Walton], Jubichem [Tadworth], Lloyds [Tattenham Corner] , Boots (Banstead) and Asda (Burgh Heath), Day Lewis [Tadworth] and Paydens [Tattenham Corner].

I’ve run out of tablets and need some urgently. What should I do?

If the surgery is closed, please go to your usual chemist with your empty medicine bottle or box and explain the situation to them.  They may issue you with just enough tablets for you to get by for the time being, depending on the medication.  When the surgery is open again, please drop in your repeat prescription request as usual and take this prescription to the same chemist that gave you your temporary supply.

I no longer take some of the tablets that are still on the computer print-out. What should I do?

Do inform the GP if you no longer take medication listed on your repeat prescription so that we can update our records.

Some of my medicines seem to have changed names. Why?

Many medicines have ‘trade’ names and ‘generic’ names -e.g. Ventolin versus Salbutamol inhalers.  Medically there is no difference between the trade medicine and the generic medicine.  We try to use more generic medicines because they save the NHS money but do exactly the same job!- money that can be used in other areas of patient care.