An update on how best to use our services at Heathcote Medical Centre

Firstly we would like to thank you for your continuing support and understanding during this difficult time. We have had to make significant changes to how we manage our services and appointments in order to keep you and our staff safe at all times.

Access to the surgery building

This continues to be by pre booked appointment only and we have separate access points for different types of appointments for safety reasons. You can post through the letterbox any prescription requests or other paperwork and if you need to collect a stool or urine sample pot do speak to the receptionist via the intercom

Suspected COVID19 patients are no longer seen at the surgery. The local GPs have set up a separate clinic in Leatherhead where we assess and examine any patients who require this after a detailed telephone assessment. Please continue to call 111 if you feel you have any symptoms of COVID19

Shielded Patients

National Guidance confirms that it is still appropriate for such patients to be seen at a hospital or GP surgery if required. We have ensured that any such appointments are set at dedicated times and in specific clinical areas to minimize any contact with other patients. If you come for an appointment do identify yourself to the Receptionist as a Shielded patient so that they can inform the clinician of your arrival


If you need any help at this time be it collecting medication, shopping, someone to talk to or emotional support do please see the information on our website for local services

On Line Access

There are a number of tools to achieve this but we are now recommending that you download the NHS App in order to easily access your repeat drug list, lab results and to book appointments. You will just need to take a photograph of some form of identification such as your driving licence or passport


Please can we ask you not to request larger than usual quantities or earlier than the due time as this significantly affects the stock held by pharmacies and in turn it may deprive others of drug supplies. Such requests will be rejected by the practice I am afraid


We have always used technology to support your care and now we are consulting beyond face to face and telephone with judicious use of text and reply options, video consultations and review of emailed patient’s photos. We will soon be able to support further changes through our new website  – more details to follow.  The response from the practice to a request from a patient in the first instance will be a telephone assessment.

We will update you further as the situation changes at the surgery

Dr Pitsiaeli on behalf of the surgery 28th April 2020